when words count

"Impact PR’s work in crafting the content for our web site paid for itself almost immediately." Rob Fields, MD Fields Tiling Sept 07


Stuck for words or just plain stuck? Ready to grow your business to the next level but need help with marketing to get you there?

Choose Impact PR. With more than 30 years experience, we've partnered with many businesses to help them grow sustainably to the next stage.

We workshop, develop and implement marketing action plans and well-crafted copy that attract the right target audiences and help you achieve your strategic goals. Most importantly, we provide business owners with helpful insight into understanding more about their customers and how that drives bottom line.

Whether it's business planning, tweaking your marketing tools or completely overhauling your marketing approach, we're the company getting results.  Isn't that what every business deserves?

Choose Impact PR for:

  • business planning and marketing plans
  • fixing your business development process
  • comprehensive change management communication strategy
  • major announcements, publicity campaigns, contentious issues management and media relations
  • tender proposals and award submissions
  • capability statements and annual reports
  • websites and e-newsletters
  • newsletters, advertisements, brochures, blogs, letters and trade show displays
  • keynote speeches

Our clients include engineers and construction specialists, business and financial services consultancy firms, health services and food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers. They've been relying on us since 2000. We're also regularly referred to graphic design and web site designers' clients to help their clients prepare effective copy.

The people you want to influence - prospects, strategic alliances, clients and other stakeholders - should have absolutely no doubt about who you are and how they can do more business with you. If they do...switch to Impact.