when words count

"Impact PR’s work in crafting the content for our web site paid for itself almost immediately." Rob Fields, MD Fields Tiling Sept 07

How to make your web site work harder for you

With more than 90% of searches now going through Google™, most prospects will check out your business online first before deciding to email, call or go to your premises.

Here’s how to ensure your web site works hard for you 24/7:

1.Think about the functions you want your web site to achieve:
• help prospects find you easily on the web
• assist with credibility to persuade site visitors to contact you, engage or buy from you
• provide more information about your business
• link to facebook, twitter, blogs, forums, articles, or other web sites
• sell through your shopping cart

2. Before you start to write, get clear on your business’ points of difference and explain them. Ask your top clients what they like about your business. Research your opposition.

3. Ensure your site includes the key words prospects use to search for your business. Incorporate them within the Home page copy and the browser title banner of every page – that’s the little title at the very top of the screen when you open up your browser that often just says “Welcome to XYZ company” but often there are key words in your competitors’ web sites.

4. Use simple language and easy navigation your prospects and existing clientele can relate to. Keep it authentic, friendly and transparent yet professional. Proofread it!

5. Avoid a Home page that opens with Adobe Flash player that takes a long time to load or has no words on it. Google can only search for words when ranking web sites.

6. Think through all the major questions people ask about your business and cover them off either in the About us, Approach or FAQs.

7. Make sure you respond to web email enquiries within 2 hours or less.

8. Update your site regularly with new testimonials, service updates, news or samples of work in your gallery.

9. Choose or switch to a CMS (content management system) or self-editing web site structure. They’re easy to use and save you time, money and frustration.

10. Ensure your site is professionally designed in keeping with your branding. It must look and feel consistent  - like an extension of your business.


(Of course, if you'd rather someone else did the hard work for you, in far less time than it would take you or your staff, call us.